One of the things that decorated the 8th CAFÉ General Assembly in September 2018 in Botswana was the grand approval of the 5-year Strategic Plan of the network, covering 2019 to 2023.

The Plan has three broad strategic objectives to be accomplished. Below is a presentation of the strategic objectives in brief:

1. Strengthen the institution for improved governance and service delivery to members

Among others, activities under this objective aim to ensure that CAFÉ’s Executive Secretariat is capacitated and CAFÉ’s Executive Committee is strengthened in order to ensure value addition to members through the General Assembly and the provision of relevant trainings.

All activities under this strategic objective fall under the following priority subtopics: Hold meaningful General Assemblies (GAs); Offer relevant trainings to members (through workshops, visits, experience sharing, mentoring); Have an online platform and website providing relevant content and permitting exchanges between members; Implement or facilitate one or more projects or initiatives advancing members’ interests; Hold effective Executive Committee (ExCo) meetings; Review roles, responsibilities and nomination rules of President, Secretariat, and ExCo and get them approved by members; Register CAFÉ as a legal entity if feasible and if benefits outweigh the cost; Facilitate access to shared services (e.g. investment management) to secure better terms; Agree on norms related to communication and cooperation between members and with Secretariat.

2. Increase networking and partnerships to improve effectiveness and visibility

Primarily, activities here seek to nurture and strengthen active and meaningful collaboration with current partners and stakeholders and to reach out to new partners who share common interests to achieve tangible outcomes for environmental conservation in Africa.

Priority subtopics include: Continue active collaboration with RedLAC and CFA; Conduct outreach to relevant stakeholders (all potential donors) with tangible outcomes; Carry out targeted advocacy actions on behalf of members to promote conservation in Protected Areas (PAs) across the region; Have more EFs/CTFs join CAFÉ thanks to more compelling and better articulated value proposition.

3. Ensure financial sustainability

Last but not least, it is at the heart of our priorities to mobilize enough resources from various sources to support implementation of this 5-year Strategic Plan.

These topics are prioritised: Secure funding from various sources for the next five years; Determine if financial mechanism could be put in place to ensure CAFÉ’s sustainability; Help members in their fundraising efforts through information sharing.

CAFÉ for conservation, environmental management and sustainable development in Africa